DivHacks 2019

March 30, 2019

Barnard College | Columbia University

About DivHacks

DivHacks is Columbia's first and only diversity hackathon with an objective to create an empowering and inspirational space for underrepresented students in entrepreneurship and technology. DivHacks aims to celebrate the contributions made by underrepresented technologists and to introduce a space for disenfranchised communities to create and build technologies that reflect our narratives. We believe that enhancing diversity in entrepreneurship and technology is one of the greatest economic and social uplift opportunities of our lifetime. By addressing the needs of the increasingly diverse global economy, we can build more impactful, inclusive, and meaningful products and technologies.

Uplifting Urban America

This year's DivHacks theme is Uplifiting Urban America. Contestants are expected to work in small teams towards building an application that is aimed towards solving issues found across many inner cities.


DivHacks has not finalized its schedule yet; however, please check back soon to find updates.



Is this open to students outside of Columbia and Barnard?

DivHacks is open to students from other schools. Be sure to indicate your school on the registration form.

Do I need prior experience?

Not at all! DivHacks welcomes people of all skill levels and that includes those who are interested in learning. Throughout the hackathon, there will be workshops aimed towards beginners in different areas including workshops for those with no prior programming experience at all.

Where is it?

DivHacks will take place in the Diana Event Oval which is located at the Diana Center at Barnard. Worshops wil take place throughout the day in other rooms outside of the Event Oval that are in the building.

What do I need to bring?

Be sure to bring an ID, a computer, charger, any other gear you might need, and yourself! Food will be served throughout the day.